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Unit 2 Travelling Around(教学设计和教学反思)

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Unit 2 Travelling Around(教学设计和教学反思)

Listening and Speaking (Get ready to travel)

英语组 石姣

Lead in

Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.                                                                                                       ——Francis Bacon

设计意图:主题页是父与子在美国山中远行的一幅图片,父亲代表的是 the elder sort,

对于父亲来说 travel is a part of experience; 儿子代表的是the younger sort, 对于儿子

来说,travel is a part of education。Travel,education,experience这正好与Listening and Speaking


Activity 1  Enjoy the global tourist attractions


Activity 2  Thinking

If given a chance to travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?(Give the reasons.)

I’d like to _____, because___________.


Activity 3  Group Discussion

Since we have chosen a place to travel, what do you need to prepare for the trip?

设计意图:在选好目的地以后,小组讨论出行需要带的物品。提醒学生别忘了带上自己的父母,因为他们是最爱你的。这样一来这节课就有了温度。至此形成板书的第二部分:preparations。Activity 2,3 一方面是旅行想去的地方,另一方面是为旅行所做的准备,听力也是不限ip注册送25元免费这两方面的内容,正好与听力相衔接,引出听力。

Activity 4  Paul and Meilin are talking about the coming holiday.Listen to the first part of the conversation and choose the correct answers.

1.Circle the two places Meilin is going to for holiday.

Germany.     B. England.     C. Iceland   D.France.

2. How is she going to get there ?

By sea.   B. By air. C.By train.

3. How is she planning to get around after she arrives.

A.By car B. By train C. On foot

Tip 1: Predict content: before you listen, you can read the questions and the choices. It will help you to predict what you will hear.

设计意图:听力的第一部分是不限ip注册送25元免费Meilin的假期,涉及到旅行的目的地和方式。通过听力的问题和选项引导学生对每道题的答案和听力内容有一个预测。借此向学生介绍听力的tip1: predict content。学生有了切身的感受,下一次遇到类似的问题可能自己也想试一试对听力内容进行预测。

Activity 5  Listen to Part 1 again and fill in the blanks.

Paul:Hey, Meilin! So what                    for the coming holiday?

Meilin: I am travelling around Europe for two weeks with my aunt and uncle.

Paul:Europe? Oh, I've always wanted to go there!

Meilin:Yes, me too. I'm so excited.I                   to visit France and Germany.

Paul:That's wonderful! Do you have your passport and visa already?

Meilin:I already have my passport,and I                   for my visa tomorrow . Once I get the visa, we'll book flight tickets online.

Paul:So how do you plan to travel around?

Meilin:We                  (rent)a car and driving! My uncle has always wanted to drive around Europe!

Summary: We could use the present continuous tense(现在进行时)to express future plans.


Activity 6  Listen to the second part of the conversation and answer the questions.

1. Where is Paul’s family going over the holidays?

2. Why are they going there?  

Tip 2: Focus on keywords:Don't try to catch every word in a conversation. Instead, listen for key words and phrases. You should focus on getting the main idea, not on the single words or grammar.

设计意图:听力的第二部分是不限ip注册送25元免费Paul的假期。这部分听力内容对学生来说有一定难度,正好向学生介绍tip2:focus on keywords。在听的过程中重点听第二个问题Why are they going there,在第二遍听的时候重点把握听力材料对原因部分的陈述。

Activity 7  Choose a place you like to go and share your travel plans with a partner.


A: Hi, Julie! Do you have any plans for the holiday?

B: Hi, Wang Lei! Yes, I'm planning to travel to Jiuzhaigou. Actually, I've just finished the travel arrangements!

A: Oh, good idea! Jiuzhaigou is an extremely beautiful place.

B. Yes, I’m looking forward to seeing the colourful lakes, amazing waterfalls…How are you getting ready for your trip?


Create a conversation similar to the example on page 25.

Use present continuous tense

Include travel destination, preparations in your travel plans

State your reasons

virtual tourism: people travel around only online instead of going out.

Travel is more than the seeing of sights, it is a change that goes on, goes deep and goes permanent in the ideas of living.  

                                             ——Miriam Bread, American writer

let's enjoy the happiness of traveling with your loved ones.

I believe there will be more touching stories happening on the way.




Review what you have learned in class.

Read the sentences related to travel on page 25.


本堂课从Lead in开始,然后是Activity 1-8, 整体思路清晰,环环相扣,学生能明白每一步和下一步要进行什么活动。本堂课让学生在听力中感受听力技巧,在欣赏美景同时挖掘其背后的历史和文化;对学生的口语表达有所指导,在一定程度上锻炼了学生的口语交际能力,具有实际指导意义。


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